How to: Face powder application

After an application of concealer, foundation or powder take a step back to observe what you have done. Do the products blend in well, and are they invisible to the skin? Do you see redness or any darkness?
Don’t hesitaite to discontinue untill the skin looks the best it can.

However, if you need to improve the way the skin looks,  just stop a munite and look. Can it be corrected with a bronzing powder?  Should you use a different product?

If the skin looks orange: Switch to a paler powder and wait to check on the results.

If it looks ashy: Warm up the powder colour or add bronzer.

If it looks flaky: Then the skin is too dry.

If it looks cakey: Do you have enough moisture on the skin? It is also possible that you have too much.

When you are not sure, bring your product with you when you are seeking advise.


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