Fall-Winter 2012 makeup trend: Experimental eyeliner!

Want to be up to date when it comes to makeup and style? Experiment with the latest trend heavy eyeliner. They outline the eyes and make them look all the more attractive if you do it well.  During New York fasion week  eyeliner was smudged underneath the bottom lash line, with a little tight line on the top lash. At London Fashion Week, the British were also favoring the bottom lash, but choosing to leave the top lash line naked, making even more of a statement. Try the look yourself by applying a thick, yet tight line drawn just along the lower or upper lash line.

How to apply a tight line:

First of all, go for good quality eyeliners in the market. Do not compromise on cost by purchasing a cheaper version . Check some of the best eyeliners like Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown or MAC.

A lot of people prefer a pencil over liquid eyeliner, as it seems to be easier. When using a pencil, soften it with the help of  a little hot water or hold the tip on a flame for a few seconds for easy application and be sure the tip is pointed. Make a line just above your eyelashes, in the outward direction. Make several lines according to the thickness you choose.

Applying a liquid eyeliner requires a bit of skill. Use a clean pointed brush to apply. Use the pencil eyeliner in conjunction with the liquid eyeliners so you can mark the line with the pencil and then thicken it using the liquid eyeliner. Or, apply it in 3 strokes starting with the inner, then the middle and finish with the outer corner. Then join the three. Want a smokey, rock-chick look? Thicken the outer corner to give a smoky and darker look. And remember to keep an eye makeup remover and cotton swabs by your side in case your eyeliner is going in directions that were not intended.


Go for it!

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