Farouk Royal Treatment by CHI…

…and royal it is. Shampoo is much more than cleansing, it’s caring for your hair with the best quality  ingredients. This range will get your hair in tip top shape and hand you tools to maintain beautiful hair.

The super volume shampoo for instance is a gentle formula with white truffle and pearls and smells utterly amazing. If you have volume and you’re craving to add a little extra spice, then use a pea size or two, otherwise you’ll be having a hard time taming the volume explosion with your straightening iron. This is something I’ve learned from experience. Not going there? Then opt for the Pure Hydration Shampoo or Real Straight Shampoo.

With the Aqua charge you can be generous though. This conditioning treatment balances and detangles hair. No more static hair, gone, done.

The other thing I am particular fond of is the Royal Treatment pearl complex. It’s a leave-in treatment that repairs split ends, replenishes without any build up or added weight. You can use it as often as needed and you don’t have to rinse in between washes. Ideal during hot summer days as a protective layer.  Be careful when opening the bottle.  The content’s pretty eager to get out.

If you hate flyaway’s just as much as I do, you’ll be pretty happy with the Ultimate control hair spray. This is a fast drying, in the moment style holder and shaping spray. It contains white truffle and pearl and creates a great sheen without adding weight. And  you can scrunch and shape on the way. Never leave the house without a spritz.

Start  hair pampering today and check out the rest of the range.


Have fun!


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