Farouk Royal Treatment White Truffle Foundation

Farouk Systems extends the ‘designer collection’ Royal Treatment with the White Truffle Foundation. A nice addition to the luxury product with special ingredients such as white truffle and pearls.
The White Truffle Foundation comes in a very handy compact case with mirror and is easy to carry in your handbag. Ideal for a quick touch-up for instant hair shine, and can also be used as a cuticle creme and a body highlighter.

The compact box with mirror suggests that the Farouk Royal Treatment White Truffle Foundation is a product for the face, but nothing is less true. in addition, the White Truffle Foundation also works as a cuticle cream and a body highlighter. Massage a small amount on dry cuticles or elbows, knees or dry patches, to keep them soft during winter. Or use it on summer evenings on your legs, shoulders and décolletage for a beautiful, nurturing glow.

Did you know White Truffle is one of the rarest commodities in the world and is one of the richest sources of Vitamin B, which is important for the stimulation of protein and amino acids necessary for healthy and to obtain beautiful hair. Furthermore the pearls contain 22 amino acids, in combination with protein, B vitamins and polysaccharides. These polysaccharides helps the hair to retain moisture.

This is a great little gadget I never leave the house without.





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