Favorite hotspot: HPS – We are hiding in plain sight

They are hiding in plain sight and reveal themselves to the ladies and gentlemen of Amsterdam who wish to experience a memorable night out. All those who find them and share their wit and ability to laugh at themselves are welcomed into their society.

You will experience quality hand crafted cocktails in an intimate setting, with other like-minded individuals who are looking for something different in the city. A secret society, yet open to anyone who has the desire to find us.

About the people behind HPS: HPS was founded by the husband and wife team of Guillermo Gonzalez and Vera Magagnini. Their travels around the world landed them in Amsterdam 5 years ago and they decided to stay. Using their combined knowledge and experience in the world of nightlife and fashion, and mixing that with their love for drinking and generally having a good time, they decided to open a bar that suits their personality.

During their time in Amsterdam they found that while on the surface the city has a safe and polished cultural outlook, just beneath that and hiding in plain sight, is a vibrant counter-cultural community full of talented artists, musicians, media types, chefs, and bartenders. HPS was designed to be their home away from home.


A perfect hyde away for one of the best cocktail places in Amsterdam.

Loved it, and so will you!




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