F+Beauty Claes Iversen SS12 Runway show

This week I was invited to the Claes Iveren SS 2012 runway show. In one word: breathtaking! The collection tells a love story of a woman and her love for her carefully crafted wardrobe, but also a story of riches and fame. Hair pulled back, and a makeup look that was nude and flawless, wint a hint of peach lips. The clothes did all the talking.

The inspiration for the show came from America in the 60s and 70s. The colors and the layout of the California resident pop art painter David Hockney. Also the image of rich middle-aged married woman living uptown at 5th Avenue were key inspiration for the collection.

Figures like Jackie Kennedy, Nan Kempner and Mona von Bismarck, rich, glamorous, often famous, with extensive private couture collections, but also so lonely and unhappy, reflecting the melancholy undertone in the collection. The collection is made of old-fashioned stiff, heavy fabric combined with transparent, lightweight materials and soft leather. Classic meets modern.

Copyright: Peter Stigter

Prior to the presentation of a film shown Philippe Vogelenzang and Merce Wouthuysen Snoijink with Liz in the lead. Hair and makeup were done by Lydia Le Loux and editor of the film’s Jelena Rosice.

A happy Claes Iversen at the end of the show.


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