Fnug – your ‘nail polish’ fashion statement

I am quite impressed by this pretty polished nail care brand. Your nails and choice of color can say a lot about who you are, and the statement you want to make in this world.

FNUG continuously comes up with ‘IT’ colors following Scandinavian fashion trends. The nail polish range is chip resistant, and contains vitamins such as A, B, D and E. The best part? All FNUG Nail Polish do not contain Formaldehyde, Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) a.k.a. the toxic trio.

Behind the brand

A few weeks ago I was able to meet Charlotte FNUG Munksgaard, the lady behind the brand during a press launch. She is tremendously kind, witty, and a nail addict. We definitely have something in common there, as I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup in my teens, while Charlotte wasn’t permitted to wear nail polish. This is exactly where addictions come from, I guess. Happy addictions, though.

As Charlotte says: “The challenge is that nails are not just nails. They can be shaped, embellished and varnished to suit your mood, fashion and budget. They are your living business card and, together with perfectly manicured hands, they give you a real confidence boost and a personal and exclusive firsthand impression”.

My favorite colors and description:

Dressed up: A wrap silk dress in animal print with a long gold horseshoe necklace and that great big gold men’s watch is all it takes. Your skin and nails look like a bounty hunter in a great dark brown shade perfect for the night. You know the style rules and break them with class.


Fashion show: Be perched at the front row like any other A-lister. You love being the centre of attention. Your nails have this look au chocolate latte with a grey touch. An incredibly versatile manicure color and so right for a great pedicure. Perfect match for tips and toes

                                                             Happy, healthy colorful nails!

FNUG is exclusively sold at www.skins.nl


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