Fred Farrugia’s amazing make up system

Fred Faruggia, was not only the artistic director of Lancôme for close to a decade, he is known for being a colorist and his love for materials who excels in beauty product development.

Made in France, the extensive range contains a variety of shades, finishes and textures with which you can customize your set. Saturated hues, shimmers, mattes, satins are available, as well as creams, powders and glosses.

It’s ingenious packaging design allows you to encapsulate your makeup favorites in one expandable system which comprises stackable magnetic palettes that swivel open on the same axis.

Your makeup repertoire can be effortlessly completed with the comprehensive collection – you are spoiled for choice in eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, concealers and a mascara cake.

The products perform amazingly well. I am very impressed with the lipsticks and the silky matte eye shadows that impart rich color and blend beautifully. You can find red lip colors, for example, in gloss, hydrating lipstick, semi-matte lipstick, and lip powder to help set the tint. And the shimmer in the eye-shadows is amazing…

The system:

A brilliant palette of full makeup you can take anywhere!

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