Fuente’s hair secrets for the holidays…

The holidays are coming closer… You have probably selected your party dress and shoes already for that special evening in December….and already know which lip colour and smokey eye you are going to impress everybody with..

However…which statement are you going to make with your hair?

FUENTE has three products that enable you to create any desired coupe: suitable for every hair type, protects, and easy to wash out.

Style 1: A subtle, yet elegant black dress with long sleeves. Hair? Natural straight or natural weaves (with bangs)
Air mist – This blow drying spray has multiple purposes. Spray the mist close to the scalp if you want maximum volume or equally spray on your hair for a more natural look. Spray the mist on towel dry hair.

Style 2:  Either a classic Vogue look or nonchalant sexy with a simple yet classic dress. Hair? Subtle, nonchalant knot or classic up do.

Wax, paste or clay-  The wax is perfect for the subtle party look. You want to an edgier look? The paste gives more structure and volume. You want to go wild with a funky short hairdo or up do? The paste makes sure your coupe stays all evening.  

Style 3: A ‘statement dress’, either a bright or dark colour, that stands out! Hair? Sleek hair or a sleek ponytail.

Styling oil – This oil is produced with magnetic fields and immediately takes care of frizzy hair. It polishes split ends without making your hair greasy or heavy and gives you that natural shine. For the party ladies among us…this oil is resistant against extreme heat sources and unexpected weather conditions.

Tip: This styling oil works for every hair type but is in particular suitable for Asian hair..


Are you inspired? I hope so!

By Santusha Kana



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