Giorgio Armani Beauty – Madre Perla Collection for Holiday 2011

The elegance of the 1930s is the inspiration for this look and sets the tone for the season. Madre Perla was Linda Cantello’s color inspiration, with subtle reflections and iridescent effects. “Like a 1930s’ boudoir, a touch of lacquer and metals adds a sophisticated feel to satiny, pearlescent tones. Delicate shades reminiscent of the silk lingerie of the time,” said Linda Cantello. Linda suggests applying the shiny powder on the cheekbones but also on the temples for a radiant look.

The Eye Palette is a beauty with metallic ivory, lavender, and  a taupe trio. Wear it on its own, or blend it with any other eye color.

The Eyes to Kill Intense eye shadows play with transparencies and are tainted on the tones of aqua marine and bronze. Available in a limited edition of three subtle metallic shades: gold, silver plutonium and an intermediate shade obtained by blending gold and silver. The shadows are creamy, they do not contain any powder, and they are heat resistant.


On the lips wet-effect glosses with neutral and natural colors that give visibility to the eyes, true protagonists of the winter but also of upcoming spring/summer. Gloss d’Armani comes in four bold and feminine shades. All of the shades are offered in a limited edition: iridescent rosewood, velvety red, sienna, and bold amethyst.


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