Love Glamglow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask | Super Sexy Radiant Skin

Originally designed as a 10-minute anti-aging ‘facial in a Jar’ for behind-the-scenes use in Hollywood’s entertainment, to get that immediate camera-ready glowing skin. Glamglow’s mud base is from Southern France, home to glamorous Cannes, St. Tropez & Monaco.

What’s in it? The patent TEAOXI® is used in GLAMGLOW’s mask, a continuous time-release technology delivering fresh Super-Squalene, EGCG Super-Antioxidants direct into the mud from the real pieces of tea leaf contained in the mask.

Want a GLAM-tastic skin ? Use it a couple of times a week or simply when you need a GLAM-up now.


What do people say about Glamglow. Here is some of the behind the scenes feedback.

Love the smell and love the mud mask” – Natalie Portman, Actress

It smells amazing and gives you a good glow, your skin looks literally radiant. it’s a great product and it’s getting rave, rave reviews.” – ABC News

You can kiss the dull looking skin goodbye, and say “Hi” to GLAM-tastic skin.

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