F + Beauty-Glamour’s 5th anniversary!

Glamour’s Big, Big, Big, birthday party. A fabulous party for glamorous fashion and beauty minded people celebrating Glamour’s 5th anniversary!


Glamour’s anniversary magazine that was revealed at the party and available in stores as from today.

A quote from editor – in – Chief Karin Swerink:

“Fashion shoots with the Dutch top models of this moment. A spicy short story from the mysterious author Tina Weemoed, the high heels investigation that was produced in collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the latest trends on fashion and beauty, personal interview with five very interesting Glamour women, stylish travel reports, to get you in the mood and much more….”


This issue is a sincere ‘Beauty Bible’ with more than 500 pages, which is pretty unique in the Dutch magazine world!

Below a compilation of 5 years ‘Glamour’ magazine. Bravo!


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