GLAMTOX NIGHT Like a dream…

Rodial’s answer to Botox: GLAMTOX NIGHT!

This amazing re-formulated gel is the ultimate overnight face lift!

Plumps the skin, smoothes, and minimizes the appearance of pores, all while you sleep……

Glamtox night contains a gentle retinol which works to re-surface, thicken and plump the skin whilst reducing pore size. The skin will gain an energized and radiant glow come morning. Glamtox night also works to strip away hyper pigmentation creating a light and bright skin tone.

Glamtox night is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of crows feet and deep set wrinkles, whilst nourishing the surface of the skin. Glamtox night is your ‘must have’ night treatment!


Following on from the success of this years Tummy Tuck Sticks; Glamtox™ STICKS are the latest innovation from Rodial.

Packed with natural collagen boosting extracts and peptides these delicious supplements treat the skin to a collagen injection from within, resulting in an amazing reduction of lines and wrinkles by 30% in only 12 weeks!

Rich in collagen peptipeptides (natural bioactive protein) that trigger the synthesis of new collagen fibres, and are clinically proven to improve the skin’s moisture level, smoothness and suppleness, hence preventing skin ageing.

Take 1 stick daily dissolved in water for 2 weeks for the ultimate radiance boost from within! 


Available at Skins Cosmetics

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