By Request:How to achieve ‘The beach cheeks’

Blush can create a just gone to the beach look. It can also be used to create the more dramatic contouring you see in fashion shows and shoots.

The formulas:

Powder blush is the most easy to apply. It blends well and works on all types of skin.
A gel blush creates a sheer color, but is more difficult to blend.
For dryer skin types you could try a cream blush. This will radiate the skin, and leaves it looking dewy.                                                                                                             

I love the cream to powder blushes, as it goes on as a cream and dries a long lasting powder finish. One of the brands I love to use who carry this texture is DanielSandler!                                                                                                                                     

pot rouge like Laura Mercier provides blendable color for normal to dry skin types. It provides a sheer stain on the cheeks and medium coverage on the lips. Easy going.


Apply your natural color and then add a pop of a brighter color on top. The natural shade looks natural at first, but often shades easily. The brighter shade alone is great for evening, but might be too much of a contrast for every day. The layering technique offers natural brightness. When you’re using a bronzer, skip the natural color and layer a bright color on top!


Have Fun!

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