Good morning! Tweezerman launches Tweeze mate 10x Lighted Mirror

Good morning! Tweezerman launches Tweeze mate 10x Lighted Mirror Wake up, wake up rise and shine. In a rush and discovered these annoying eyebrow hairs you should have tweezed, just before your most important meeting? No worries. Take a breath, sit down a minute and get your Tweeze mate out.

It magnifies 10 x and there’s a little light bulb attached. It isolates even the finest hair for precise, easy tweezing. It you’re sitting anyway why not put on your eyeliner, mascara, and that feel good lipstick. If you’re wearing contact, or glasses for that matter this will be a most convenient gadget for you to use. You will be able to perform any precision tasks, from tweezing to make-up application to contact lens insertion.

As Tweezerman says: ‘ Your best Look — Whether you tweeze with the trends or love really natural looking brows and just want to know how to give them a more refined shape up… or you’re looking for a dramatic change and need help styling. Tweezerman has everything you need for shaping, trimming and tweezing — plus the perfect finishing touches for beautiful brows’.

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