Good morning with Sisley’s new Phyto-Cernes Éclat

Under eye bags and darkness are usually there due to lack of sleep and stress, or it’s hereditary. Unfortunately not a pretty sight, so you might want to cover it up with a magic worker. And Sisley’s new Phyto-Cernes Éclat definitely does the trick.

It’s packed with botanical nutrients like Red vine that tones and protects veins, and Ginkgo biloba that’s an anti-free radical, that soothes and tones. Not to forget Arnica and Caffeine that also help minimize dark circles and puffiness.

It comes in three shades,  has a creamy texture and glides on thanks to the cooling metal tip, which instantly helps to de-puff the area. It also comes with a concealer brush perfect for blending out the concealer. No more under eye tea bags for you. You can visually smoothe out wrinkles and fine lines and start beautifying the eye contour area today.


Tip: Clean you concealer brush daily, you don’t want any bacteria piling up.

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