Goodmorning! Are you a Decléor fan? Meet the new Aroma Cleansing range!

As you can imagine a beauty routine has no meaning if the base, a perfectly cleansed skin is not in order. The French cosmetics brand Decléor offers a helping hand and introduces the Aroma Cleanse line, with nine new cleaning products for all skin types. The result? A radiant, fresh skin! Just as we’d like our skin to be.

Lait Démaquillant essentiel and Lotion tonifiante essentielle with off course, essential oils containing neroli are suitable for all skin types. Jippie!

Cream mousse éclat hydra-3 and 1 is a soft, creamy foaming cleanser, that changes into foam when it comes in in contact with water.

Démaquillant yeux Soin is an effective eye makeup remover with a perfume free formula, and can be easily be used for sensitive eyes.

Especially for mixed to oily skin Decleor made use of essential oils like Ylang Ylang, which cleanses the skin and regulates sebum production. The cleansing gel, Gelee fraîche purifiante, turns into a soft foam when it comes in contact with water thanks to refreshing peppermint water.

Lotion fraîche matifiante with papaya extract and matfying  powder, completes the ritual for cleansing the skin and refreshing your complexion

The milk / lotion duo of the Aroma Cleanse line: Lait Démaquillant jeunesse and the Lotion soin jeunesse are cleansers with anti-aging properties thanks to the essential oils of the Magnolia flower that soothe and act as an anti-oxidant.

Finally, the Aroma Cleanse Eau micellar apaisante line with essential oils of rose protects the skin against aggressive environmental influences. A 2 in 1 formula that soothes and cleanses. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Ready to try and indulge? Good luck finding the cleanser that is suitable for your skin.




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