Goodmorning! Are you ready to brighten up? #Philosophy

If you want to brighten up the skin, the microdelivery acid skin brightening peel pad might be exactly what you need.
This new dual action peel pad mainly does two things. First of all it resurfaces the skin with mandelic acid, second it brightens with phytic and glycolic acid. 

It’s a mouthful but what it comes down to is that this triple acid formula helps to improve youthful  looking skin by dissolving dull skin, making the skin look immensely bright and fresh.

And all this without irritating the skin at all. Use  the pre-saturated pads twice, and I promise you’ll see the difference in clarity, without irritating the skin. After four uses it promises to diminish fine lines and sun damage. And it gets better;  It comes in a handy box with 12 foil peel pads packs. If you travel regularly you can easily carry them anywhere you go.

Ready to go peel?

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