Clinique 3-step routine in three minutes…

Clinique  is founded on the philosophy that great skin can be created. With products tailored to your skin type – soap to cleanse, clarifying lotion to exfoliate, and dramatically different moisturizing gel to hydrate, 3-Step is a simple and effective routine to a healthy-looking complexion.

It promises to cleanse and exfoliate while the moisturizer completes the process to soften and smooth skin. When using it in the morning and night’s you’ll have smoother more radiant looking skin. I was not completely convinced at first, but after keeping up the routine I noticed a change in the smoothness of my skin.  

 1. When cleansing with Clinique soap in extra-mild, mild, or oily skin formula variations you’ll experience a refreshed and purified skin without leaving it dry or tight. As I have a combination skin the combination to oil works best for me.

2. Exfoliate with one of clarifying lotion’s multiple formulations to get glowing skin and help your moisturizer on the way.

3. Then moisturize with the dramatically different moisturizing lotion to give skin the drench of moisture it needs. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is a lightweight moisturization therefore ideal for those with an oilier skin type.

And perfect during summer.

Tip: Head to a Clinique counter and follow the instructions on the Ipad for the best skincare routine for you. Print out your custim fit skincare routine ticket and you’re good to go. East does it.

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