Goodskin labs Eyliplex-2 lash boosting serum

A little while ago I was introduced to this lash boosting serum. The funny thing is when it comes to testing products like these (that go on really close to the lash line, and not called mascara or eyeliner) I am always little anxious. That said, I went ahead and tried it anyway. So for, so good.

No irritations what so ever. And now four weeks later, I think that I am detecting a slight difference in lash length. The lash boosting serum is designed to strengthen and stimulate a healthy grow of the lash, without any irritation. Even people who wear contacts can use it.

I will have to use it a little longer to see what maximum lengths can be achieved. The press release says you need to apply it twice a day, on the top – and – bottom lash line. If I where you, I would really just concentrate on the top lash to start with.

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