Grahams haircare for this summer

Since the scalp and hair need extra care in the summer due to extra sun and water exposure, care and moisture is important.  Grahams shampoo and conditioner are based on biological herbs en vegetable oils that not only enables recovery and care for dry hair and scalp during the summer months but at the same time ends an itching scalp, rash or psoriasis.

Grahams Shampoo

The hypo allergic formula based on biologic coconut oil, camilla extract and manuka honey enlightens the dry and itching scalp while the jojoba olive and wheat gem oil create a beautiful shine.

Grahams Conditioner

In addition the shampoo, the conditioner with natural vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 keep the scalp and hair healthy and resistant against extreme weather conditions.

The results? Shiny and easy to style hair and a healthy scalp!

Tip: If you suffer from psoriasis on the scalp, the Calendulls Plus Cream can be applied as a treatment on the spots. The hair and scalp can be washed the day after with Grahams Natural Shampoo and Grahams Natural Conditioner.


Available at and drugstores. 

By Santusha Kana

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