Guerlain’s launches a refillable mascara Noir G

Guerlain new Noir G de Guerlain Mascara is formulated to give your eyes a dramatic look.
Noir G is the first mascara to combine the extravagant luxury of a jewel case with an extraordinary formula for perfectly defined eyes. It’s  a unique, complete formula that curls, and lengthens, giving intensity  with a deep black color with carbon black pigments.

The lush texture makes it easy to achieve an intense, dramatic lash look without any risk of smearing, smudging or clumping. Like a magic wand, the ground-breaking Noir G goes one step further with an amazing refillable wand applicator, making it convenient and easy to switch to a new one as soon as you need it. And that should be every three months.

The fiber brush is supple for perfect, fast and even distribution over all the lashes. It is extremely easy to handle  and glides everywhere, catching and wrapping around every lash above and below to reproduce the effect of a blow-dry.

Available from January 2012


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