Hannah Body Oil – It’s all about your skin

If I say: Sun, Sea, Beach, you’ll probably say: ‘ Yes Please’.  If you going on holiday soon you’ll be taking your favourite beauty items with you. After a sunbathing day a skin oil such as Hannah’s is ideal to bring your skin back in balance. Premature aging is the last thing you want to have on your mind.

Caring products that contain nuts, fruits and seed oil are nourishing and tremendously hydrating for the skin. A nice catch is the Macadamia oil that recovers the skin and calms it at the same time. And your gained tan, well you can enjoy that just a little longer too. While you’re at it don’t forget your cuticles and the split ends of your hair.

You might want to make some room in your suitcase for your new friend.

Hannah body oil  € 42,00/500 ml | € 15,00/100 ml


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