Hannah’s Hydrophilic skin cleaning system

To maintain a healthy looking skin you’ll need to clean it at least twice a day. For a lot of people this is easier said than done. I know people that use facewipes every day, twice a day and they think this is enough. Some of them prefer this over that tight and dry feeling you can get after cleaning your face. Face cleansers that contain alcohol can cause dry irritated and itchy skin.

There are many mild an nourishing cleansers and this is a great pick. Hannah launched two very mild cleansers, ideal for sensitive skin. It gets rid of makeup, excess sebum and other impurities in an instant.

There are two options to choose from; the cleansing milk that smells like almonds or you can opt for the oil, which is my favorite. A non greasy substance derived from pure vegetable soybean oil that have detergency properties as well. It contains a variety of antioxidants, such as vitamin E originating from sunflower oil.


Tip: Use a warm compress to cleanse thoroughly and wipe away excess, by leaving a moist compress in the microwave for 30 seconds. Your skin will be gratefulwww.huidcoach.nl 





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