Hollywood secret: Clip-In Bangs, and this is what it looks like on hair editor @SantushaKana

I have posted an article in 2011 about a Hollywood secret: Clip-In Bangs. Ever since I kept thinking about buying one but for some reason I didn’t dare to until recently.

This Hollywood secret is simply amazing! All you have to do is have it cut by your hairdresser to make sure the bangs have the right length and that it seamlessly matches your natural hair. If you color your hair, make sure the color is exactly the same. Even if you buy the bangs in your color, it still makes a difference to dye it. The other hairdresser working in the salon at that moment didn’t even know these were clip-ins until I told him!

Here is the result:


I hope I inspired you a little to try this. It easy, quick and totally changes your appearance for a day or two.

Tip:  Buy natural hair bangs. It really makes all the difference.

Have fun!

By Santusha Kana



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