Honoré de Prés by Olivia Giocobetti

Honoré de Prés by Olivia Giocobetti

A green piece of Masterpiece by perfumer Olivia Giocobetti. Mr. Honoré de Prés, Christian David worked as a creative director at Dior and Sisley, before he launched his own brand. He challenged the talented Olivia to create a pure collection, based on natural ingredients.

Olivia belongs to the top of the bill in the international perfume industry, and she has created perfumes for brands like: Guerlain, Diptique, Costes, L’Artisan Parfumeur and Frederic Malle.

With the launch of the ‘We love NY’ collection, Olivia (who lives in New York) paid a tribute to this amazing city. The 100 % organic scents: I love Carottes, Love Coco, and Vamp in NY is packaged in ‘All American way’ meaning coffee- to -go cups.

Olivia says” When I see people drinking coffee out of a paper cup, it reminds me of New York, that is why this collection is wrapped in an exceptional way”.

I love Carrotes  

A sweet cocktail of optimistic aroma’s. Biologic carrots, Orange, Vanilla, Patchouli and Iris form a mix of joy and health. A very special scent.


Love Coco

This soft and exotic perfume is an antidote to the dangers of the city. Coco’s, coriander, and vanilla let you feel energized and liberated.

 Vamp in NY

Discover the little Vamp in you. I love this sensual perfume as it contains one of my favorite ingredients: Tuberose!

Honore des Pres


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