Get rid of imperfections

In an interview Laura Mercier had with Gisele Scanlon, the author of ‘The Goddess guide’ and The ‘Goddess experience’ a few great tips were mentioned.

Tip1: If you have imperfections like dark shadows or acne, apply Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage after your foundation. Pick the product up with the secret camouflage brush by dragging it across both pans, saturating both sides of the brush. Using the back of your hand as a palette, you should use the brush to warm and mix the two colours until you find the shade that matches your skin tone.

Tip 2: When you have dark eye circles, dab on a rick eye cream or mix the eye cream with the concealer. When you use concealer make shore you have the right color, not to light and not to dark, otherwise you wind up looking like a panda bear.

Tip 3: For spots, broken veins and other imperfections, use concealer after your foundation, otherwise it will come off when you are applying foundation over it.

I could not agree more!!!


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