How to organize your make-up bag –minimize the mess!

Foundation leaks, eye shadows and blushes crumble, and powder tends to explode. What to do?

Try a bag with a nylon lining as it is easier to clean than a classy leather version.

Keep make-up wipes in there so you can clean up quickly when spilling.

A face cream sample when your skin or make-up is dry is convenient to have. You can also use it as a quick make-up remover before reapplying. Don’t forget the cotton swabs.

You might want to leave your gel eyeliner at home and tag along a twist-up pencil instead.
Caps might fall off messing up your make-up bag.

When it comes to brushes think about stashing brushes by type in a zip lock bag, so for example you’re eye shadow brushes don’t contaminate your blush or powder brush.

Empty your makeup bag once a month. Flip it inside out, and give it a good cleaning with a brush cleanser and a paper towel.

Pack a lightweight formula mascara like Laura Mercier’s long lash mascara to layer over what you already have. From office to cocktails.

Try an update you makeup bag every three months. Keep your essentials and add some new ‘hot ’lipstick and blush.

About lipstick: t’s festive, it’s elegant, and if it’s blue-based, it’ll make your teeth look whiter. Against pale skin, pinker reds are prettiest. Olive skin tones can pull off true ruby and cranberry shades, and dark complexions are flattered by deep, almost purple reds.

About blush: Powder blush will not go on evenly at the end of the day, so use a cream blush instead as this will reblend the blush you already have on.


Good luck.

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