I love the 70s!

The seventy’s brought some outrageous trends in make-up. Face paintings were very popularized by David Bowie, and the Pierrot look was frequently seen on the beauty pages, models with widely colored faces in clown garb and dune hats ant lots of pom –poms.

Makeup was often natural but more frequently it was very colorful with heavy emphasized features and very thin eyebrows. The ‘Californian look’ was the other most currant image. Glowing highly tanned skin, and bright lips, or in the 70s for career women, clear lipgloss and red nail polish. Other new products at this time were blusher sticks, and kohl pencils.

The launch of nail polish in nearly every colour imaginable, from the dark dramatic colours to the glittery, and the very popular pale pinks and apricots with a pearlized finish.

Happily for all 70s lovers, most of the beauty trends are back this summer. We’re aloud to wear bright lip colours with bright eye colours, and even encouraged to wear bright nail polish. And if you can’t choose witch colour to wear, don’t choose. Dare to be different by wearing 2 different complementing colours.

And if you are into kohl pencils, try a bright color this season. You will be amazed what it can do for your eyes.

I would skip the eyebrow part though.


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