Inglot autumn make-up looks 2012

This collection is explosive and colorful, inspired by two ‘too hot to handle’ destinations: Brazil and India. Both countries are known for their passion, the bright colors you see on the streets and their friendly, sometimes exuberant people.

Reason enough for Inglot to base new fall collections on these colorful countries and the women who set the scene. The result are a rich in color to the max looks.

The Brazil-look is warm and elegant and comprises copper tones and yellow, orange and red shades. The India-look is expressive with bright colors like yellow, green and blue, referring to the most sacred festivals in India colorful celebration.

As Saray Verlinden Inglot’s Senior Makeup Artist says: ” We wanted to capture the combination of passion, people and color. Warm earth tones combined with exuberant colors to set the scene coming fall. “

I do love joyful colors for winter. It can literally brighten up any mood.

Fall look India
Feedom System 4 palette nr: 366, 51, 368, 54, 15 |€ 40,00 |Amc pure pigment eyeshadow nr 46| € 16,00 | Multicolor Bronzing Powder nr 79 |€ 20,00 |Lipstick nr: 274 | € 13,00 |INGLOT Duraline € 10,00 | Nail Enamel nr: 990 |€ 11,00

Fall look Brazil
Freedom system 4 palette nr: 351, 26, 25, 404, 409 |€ 40,00 | Amc pure pigment eyeshadow nr: 83 |€ 16,00
Face blush nr: 65 |€ 18,00 | Sleek cream nr: 89 |€ 13,00 | Nail Enamel O2M, nr: 628 |€ 14,00 |Matte Topcoat € 11,00

Inglot’s autumn make-up looks are available from september 2012

Have fun!

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