Pre – Spring check: Is your make-up past its use-by date? The check list…

If you’re a makeup addict you probably buy more make-up than you can ever wear. You don’t want anything walking off the make-up shelves. Use these guidelines for your key essentials as a past use by dateAnd if anything , when a product smells fishy toss it out.

Eye makeup: Powder shadow lasts for about two years, but if you suffer a eye infection on any point, get rid of what you were using at that time to avoid another eye infection.
Foundations: They are designed to last for about two years, but if there exposed to light and changes of temperature, the oils can start to go rancid and separate. Toss it out, and buy a new one.
Blushers: Powder blushes stay good for a very long time. The fact is that bugs can’t breed in a dry formula. Cream blushers should be replaced every year at least.
Lipgloss: Lipstick and lip glosses last for about twelve months.
Mascara: Buy a new one every three months. Throw it out if it gets lumpy or changes texture.

However, you might want to consider buying a little refrigerator for all your beauty products. This will definately prolong the use-by date.

Find some spring decoration inspiration here to stash your make-up and brushes.

Picture credits by HonestlyWTF


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