J’adore Dior – Le Parfum – The film

Between the conception of a perfume and its creation, journeys exist. Travelling across the world in search of the most beautiful flowers to create J’adore. To tell the tale of its legendary perfume J’adore, the House of Dior is offering up a poetic film. Giving someone  J’adore is like handling them a bouquet, says Francois Demachy.

From Paris to Murano via Provence and Indian landscapes, it provides the perfect 22 minutes opportunity to dream away into the heart of the creation of Dior perfumes. Creating a perfume is a long and complex process where raw materials are the starting point.

You’ll hear the voice of François Demachy, the House of Dior Perfume Creator while the film reveals the origins of a perfume whose creation owes as much to the talent of its creator, as to the quality of its raw materials.




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