Jar Perfumes ‘The Bolt of Lightning’ – 14 Rue Castiglione

Perfume can make a difference by and can non-verbally say a lot about a person’s personality. Given the significance of perfumes in everyday apparel dress-up,  have a sneek peek at one of the world’s most expensive perfumes, bottled as a beautiful  jewel.

The jewelry designer Joel A. Rosenthal created Jar Perfumes. Bolt of Lightning is the most expensive perfume in the JAR range. It starts out with unidentifiable earthy and green notes, very complex and interesting.  after a while it evolves into the smell of a sweet grape. Later on it changed into a flowery scent, with what I think is, a touch of gardenia. Is this similar in smell to the aroma of the air just after a bolt of lightning strikes?  You should try it yourself. What can you expect when visiting the highly exclusive Jar perfume store?

Once you are seated, you notice that on the table are a number of glass containers which look like covered dishes and each contain a piece of fabric doused in scent. The JAR representative’s role is to silently open each glass container one at a time and hold it up to you for a sniff of the saturated fabric.

JAR’s policy is that they do not reveal any notes or comments about their fragrances. It is all meant to be a big secret. Unfortunately you won’t be able to have a conversation about what your smelling and it feels like it would be uncouth to say anything in the presence of the JAR  representative about the perfumes.

Nevertheless the scent and the price tag are not for the faint of heart.

The Rolls Royce Phantom of fragrance…

30 ml/ 530 euro
JAR  – 14 Rue Castiglione

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