Kate Moss Salon Pro Nailpolish by Rimmel – Check out the video…

Kate Moss is launching a new range of nail polish with Rimmel London called Salon Pro. From what I’ve heard, Kate loves color and nail polish as it is an easy way to experiment and it’s the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. She wanted to create a range for every mood and occasion on her favorite nail shape; Sixties oval or long, almond-shaped.

The new Rimmel Salon Pro collection will be available from 10 April 2013 in the UK. Colors include New Romantics, Rock’n’Roll, Classical Red, Punk Rock, Disco Fever, Rhythm & Blues and Kate’s favorite neutral Soul Sessions.

Kate rarely does video interviews and I loved hearing her talk about her nails and how she wears.
I am not sure when the polish will be launched in the Netherlands but we might have to wait a little bit longer.



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