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As a makeup artist I love trying different products. Some a good, some are great, and some I could not live without.
During my trip to NY I visited Henri Bendel for a cosmetics splurge. I had my makeup done by THE Kevyn Aucoin MUA, and was positively surprised about the results. They have a broad range in foundations and concealers, lipsticks and cream blushers. From fair to deep and darker toned skins.

My absolute top 3:

Kevin Aucoin skin primer
The liquid airbrush foundation
The sensual skin enhancer
Kevin Aucoin skin primer

The skin primer is a great base for any foundation product. It glides on evenly, and has a thin lotion like formula. It minimized my pores and smoothed the skin. Unfortunately there is only 1 base for all skin types. Choosing a primer that addresses the skins need is recommendable, most especially for mature skin.


The liquid airbrush foundation
The texture has a sateen feel to it, and leaves the skin soft, and radiant looking. If you have dry skin, or lack of moisture I’m afraid it will not look as radiant as should. This product is perfect for normal to oily skin.


 The sensual skin enhancer
This little multipurpose wonder is a concealer, camouflage, and foundation in one. So if you love to travel light weighted this could actually be the perfect product for you. It contains honey and Jojoba oil. 

Recommended Use: Apply sparingly (a pin sized amount) with your finger or concealer brush on top of freshly moisturized or primed skin and blend. Apply more as desired…
The products come with a price tag, but the products as mentioned above are worth it.

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

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