KIMIA ~ a new dimension in skincare!

Based on a serum with unique powers and qualities, Kimia is an all natural 100% ACTIVE Formula that treats your skin from the inside. In truth Kimia possesses the magic force that’s able to combat and even reverse signs of aging. Reduce wrinkles and heal your skin from the pressures of every day. Don’t’ we all love the idea?

Kimia’s oil based serum has the unique ability to penetrate your skin, nourishing and healing the glowing cells from within and activating cell renewal.

Kimia’s hydra – activator contains refined extracts of Lady’s Mantle. This plant produces its own drops of moisture within, so called celestial water.

I have been using this magic oil and activator for quite some time. As autumn has kicked in, your skin can use all the hydration it can absorb. My skin has not felt this hydrated, moist, and plumped for quite some time. A highly recommended skincare product. 

I love the Kimia glow…leaving a perfect base for applying makeup! Kimia is the new brand that will forever change your perception of skincare….

Step 1: Apply the oil to your face and massage in circular motions.
Step 2: Immediately apply Kimia hydra – activator to the oil on your face and massage in circular motion.

Kimia’s face system: The natural face oil together with the hydra activator; create a dynamic effect that works dramatically in the deeper layers of your skin, making it velvet soft and radiant. 
Available at Skins Cosmetics

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