L’anza Healing Volume Collection

We all love volume so I can’t share enough volume tips and products with you: healing volume that builds noticeable body and thickness.

What can you expect?

The L’anza Healing Volume is a weight-free formula that dramatically boosts volume and thickness to fine, thin, flat hair. The use of silica, gained from organic bamboo, distinguishes itself from other products. 

With the use of these products the ultra weight-free silica will be deeply transported into the hair with a special nano-technology, which drastically enlarges the diameter and strength of your hair.

The collection:

Thickning Shampoo 300 ml €24,95
Thickning Conditioner 250ml €24,95
Daily Thickning Treatment 100ml 24,95
Zero Weight Gel 200ml €18,95
Bodyfying Liquid 200ml €18,95
Root Effects 200gr €19,95
Final Effect 300gr €18,95

About L’ANZA Healing Volume

L’ANZA is the only haircare company creating products that heal the hair. With the increase of chemical processing, thermal styling and environmental aggressors, over 80 percent of salon clients today have damaged hair. L’ANZA formulations contain the most advanced ingredients to heal the damage and renew hair.

For more information: www.lanza.com  / www.lanza.nl
Online: e.g. www.webshopkappers.nl

 By Santusha Kana

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