Label.m Hair Care

Label.m, main sponsor of the London Fashion Week, is a haircare brand one must know. Label m was launched by the one and only Toni Mascolo with his fantastic daughter, Sasha Mascolo-Tarbuck. Jointly combined with Label m Artistic Team, they have got created Label m right into a world-class products with education and learning along with trend releases since its main aim.

Label.m has a wide selection of conditioners suitable for naturally dry, chemically treated hair that simply needs protection of which the use of products is based on the 4 C’s: Cleanse, Condition, Create, Complete. Every single “C” offers an inclusive class of products composed of delightful ingredients demanded by simply today’s hairdressers.

The first step is the preparation stage. Label.m has nine shampoos that clarify, nourish and repairs the hair.

2. Condition
The second preparation stage is ‘Condition’ which also comes with 11 products. Cleanse and Condition are all formulated using natural oils and floral waters by Cold Water Extraction, a process that ensures quality goodness is extracted from ingredients allowing your hair to feel the benefits of natural goodness straight away.

3. Create
The label.m styling and finishing range includes sprays, polishes, waxes and balms that enable you to create a fusion of catwalk and street inspired looks which are the trademark of TONI&GUY.

4. Complete
The finishing products, the final stage, complete any look whether it needs extra hold, shine, texture or control frizz. 

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