Les Nombres D’Or ~ Golden Ratio by Mona Di Orio

Mona di Orio learned about the art of perfumery, the art of composition and how to choose good quality raw materials with Roudinitska. When he passed away she was invited by his wife to stay in the company and run the laboratory with her, which she did for the next nine years.   

In 2004 she teamed up with Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, a Dutch designer who already owned a company specialized in brand identity creation, to open their own perfume house. Mona di Orio Perfumes was born to unlock the emotions found in dreams and imaginations. I feel very fortunate being able to meet her on several occasions.


Introducing the newest collection Les Nombres d’Or: Amber, Musk and Cuir.

The description: Golden Ratio … might be the key to understand beauty. Intrigued and attracted by this aesthetic theory, it let me imagine how to revisit some influential classics of the perfumery. Searching for the perfect proportions to reach a melodious harmony. Using the best raw materials, beautiful ingredients, precious gifts blessed with divine proportions. Close your eyes, open your nose and follow their mysterious and sensual silages.”                               


Ingredients: Cedarwood from Atlas, Concrète Ylang Ylang Comores, Resinoids Benzoin & Tolu – Absolu Vanila Madagascar


Ingredients: Neroli-Angelica, Rose-Heliotrope, Absolu Tonka Bean –Precious Musks


Ingredients: Cardamom – Absinth, Leather – Cade (witch tree), Resinoid Opoponax – Castoreum

As a perfume lover I absolutely adore Ambre and Musc, and even experimented by mixing these two perfumes. Very special and indulging. Get inspired!

Mona di Orio
Available at Skins Cosmetics

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