Les Parfums Keiko Mecheri and my favorite fragrance

Lately every time I step into a Skins Cosmetics store I am drawn to the shelf where Keiko Mecheri is displayed. It’s like wine tasting, but then in perfume form. During Keiko’s visit to Amsterdam I had the privilege to meet this everything but ordinary Japanese person. A little shy, modest, and to me an artistic genius in a fashionable outfit.

Her perfume range is inviting and tells a story of its own, drawing you into a journey that’s called Keiko Mecheri  perfume world. Her inspiration comes from intuition, a gut feeling when you know you got it right. Using only the best of high quality ingredients, the perfume range include 10 fragrances and are divided in three sections.

Soliflores has three fragrances in this range. They are all soft,  flowery or have a green note added to it. My absolute favorite is: Genie de Bois. It’s oriental but fresh with violets, green notes and tonka beans to spice up things, finished with a little sniff of cocoa powder to top it off. Drinkable? Well nearly.

When your searching for a more powerful fragrance try your luck with one of the “Les Orientales”. For example: Patchoulissime. A mix of patchouli leaves, roses and jasmine. Subtle chords of sandalwood and ambergris are added to characterize the fragrance. You  must be able to find your lucky scent within this range of six oriental flavors.

If none of the above are appealing opt for “Les Hesperides”. Taormine contains petit grain from Sicily, bergamot from Calabria and Italian lemon with bitter almond. The heart is formed by leather chords and a bouquet of flowers in bloom. Like a perfect summery afternoon in a holiday atmosphere.

Prices start from  50 ml | € 125,00

Exclusively available thru www.skins.nl


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