L’été Papillion De Chanel – Butterfly Summer 2013

L’été Papillion De Chanel  make-up collection is one of the most beautiful and vibrant make-up collections I’ve seen in some time. Taking its inspiration from the natural beauty of spring L’été Papillon is inspired by “butterfly wings with eyelids in endless combinations”. The vibrant colors of the collection remind me of the bright and experimental make-up I wore in the 80s-90s.


It will definitely take a little experimental daring to pull off yellow mascara. The best way is to use it at the tips to add a little playful sun sparkle. I have been playing around with the collection. For woman of color this is a great treat. The pigments are of good quality, making it last on the skin all day. Well done Chanel!


This lovely collection will be available from the beginning of May 2013


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