PARIS sketchbook by @JasonBrooksArt

From fashion and beauty, to romance and haute cuisine. There is no place like Paris. The city is full of  architecture and a city of endless discovery. A city you love, or you don’t. There really is nothing in between…


In this book Jason, who is based in the UK, and known for his work with Hed Kandi (more than 100 illustrations) knows how to delicately capture the glamour of the city with beautiful illustrations.


The book is a witty and inspiring collection of drawings, collages and notes from several trips Jason took to Paris. It’s arranged into clear themed chapters so you can take a perfectly illustrated Parisian journey of your own. From the Paris architecture and Le Café’s, to fashion, shopping, art and the lively nightlife.


Makes me want to book a trip to one of my favorite cities right away…

The  PARIS sketchbook is available thru in Amsterdam

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