The Berkeley launches NEW balcony rooms with British birdhouses by Sparrow & Finch

Home tweet home! The Berkeley, located in leafy Knightsbridge is a prime spot for bird lovers they say. To attract the right type of birds for the newly launched terrace rooms overlooking Hyde Park, the Berkeley has partnered with Sparrow and Finch, the creators of luxury British birdhouses, who have designed the  “Berkeley” wooden birdhouse.

With new guestrooms recently unveiled each featuring an exclusive terrace with panoramic views of London, Sparrow and Finch have taken inspiration from the new luxury contemporary rooms created by leading British interior designer Rob Angell. Featuring two nest boxes in one; each are beautifully hand painted in soft Bone colour, complementing the stylish interiors. Made from sustainable timber with solid natural oak roof tiles, the handmade birdhouses each add a hint of English Country garden.

Located a few minutes away from Hyde Park, one of the largest parks in the city, The Berkeley is in one of the most accessible and richest birding areas in central London. Guests have the chance to catch a glimpse of over 180 species of birds including the robin, sparrow, blackbird, nightingale, turtle dove and many more gliding by…

Balcony King Rooms at The Berkeley start from £450 plus VAT per the heart of Knightsbridge.

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