Limited Editions for the 40th Birthday of Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Clinique Aromatics Elixir there will be a limited edition,  a new interpretation of this legendary scent released. Also a Solid Perfume Necklace is launched.
Aromatics Elixir Perfume Solid is a compact box that you can hang around your neck like jewelry. Use it throughout the day by dipping your fingertips in the cream and rubbing the product into the skin.

The delicate amber glass bottle was inspired by the golden glow of sublime, aged cognac. This perfume contains: Rose, Jasmine, Myrrh and Patchouli. These four beautiful ingredients are all obtained using an advanced process known as “molecular distillation.”

This allows the perfumer to filter the essence of each component more effectively than possible during the development of the original Aromatics Elixir in 1971.
Are you a big fan of the original scent? It will be available in a limited edition bottle, embossed with a poppy flower pattern.

Available from the 15th of Oktober 2011

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