LM – FFC with quercetin plus

As a buyer and huge fan of the Laura Mercier brand this rich moisture cream is already one of my favorites. It is ideal as it evens out skin tone, and gives a radiant finish. If you are planning to use a primer and foundation this high end Tone perfecting crème complements the products mentioned.

Laura Mercier believes that a flawless face starts with flawless skin.
One of the most concerns about skin is that it’s often dull looking, or the skin tone is uneven, or the skin has discolorations and age spots.
Quercetin plus, an anti oxidant proven to be 1000 times more powerful than Vitamin C diminishes the appearance of discolorations, sun damage, and age spots as it protects against free radicals and future damage.

Also powerful deep sea water promotes cell renewal while optical diffusers provide an immediate glow. Skin looks instantly brighter, evenly luminous…

Tone perfecting creme     Flawless skin model 201001

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Available at Skins Cosmetics stores nationwide and at Magnolia in Belgium at the end of January.

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