Lose up to 4 inches in just six weeks? Swisscare Cellucare promises it all!

Nobody wants cellulite, and everybody wants a great looking body, right? Swisscare’s Cellucare anti cellulite and slimming cream promises it all. As we age, cellular changes occur with loss of firmness,  luminosity and the slowdown of cell repair and regeneration. Resulting in a loss of tone and texture you weren’t asking for. 90% of women seem to  have issues with cellulite once they have passed puberty, irrespective of their weight.

Cellucare promises to give you firm and smooth skin and a toned silhouette making  Cellulite far less noticeable and vastly diminished. General test results have shown slimming activity: in the 1st week up to -2 cm, in the 3st week up to -4 cm, in the 6st week up to -8 cm. This might speed up thing while getting your body bikini in shape for summer. Use it twice a day (for a month) to keep cellulite away!

And while you’re at it you might want to try this anti-aging hand crème. It’s a lightweight hand treatment (with a high doses of vitamin-C) that maximizes collagen production, and renews & improves elasticity and firmness in the skin of the hands. It contains a high dose of nourishing, regenerating and corrective ingredients. Next to all that It evens the skin and reduces the visibility of age spots and wrinkles, caused by UV radiation and free radicals.


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