Luxuriant – By Terry fall collection 2012

You might want to give in to this. Pure luxury By Terry coming your way this fall. Captivating black shades, fiery hot red lips and black velvet eyes. Arty farty lips dressed in bold colors. I am loving the N°400 bright matte coral which is my favorite and probably will be yours too. And let’s not forget the lacquered nails with unbeatable shine…For the sexy and sophisticated women.


N°401 – Guilty Nude lipstick, like precious skin, this shade lights to bring out their natural beauty. Or opt for N°402 – Red Ceremony, a flamboyant shade, N°403 – Bare Instinct, a vibrant sexy rosewood or N°404 – Carnal Attraction, a sizzling purple.


A perfect complexion, illuminated with a sexy glow on the cheeks and sculpted with matt curves on the contours… The combination of porcelain skin revolutionized by shades of purple on the eyes and lips… and right down to the fingertips.


By Terry is available thru and in the Netherlands thru

Rouge Terrybly High Colour Lipstick | € 36 / Ombre Blackstar Melting Eyeshadow |€ 30 /Mascara Terrybly Growth Booster Mascara |€ 34 / High-Shine Smoothing nail lacquer | € 24

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