M.A.C. Cosmetics launches Office Hours and beyond

She is a glamorous go getter with an eye for business and beauty, and she loves M.A.C. pro long wear. Does this sound like you and longwear is you’re middle name, then you’ll love these products. 

I love longwear products for professional and personal use knowing that your perfectly applied make-up will last throughout the day and evening.

 The new long wear eyeshadow collection contains nine colors that go from sultry soft to dramatic. As a blush addict, always looking for that perfect blend, the pro long wear blush is something that  makes my heartbeat jump.

The colors are outstanding, well pigmented and easy to sweep. Don’t fuss over lipgloss anymore with pro longwear lipglass. Pick and choose from eight colors that compliment your mood. It smells like cotton candy that makes it nearly eatable.

There are some products we purchase because there a little works of art, but this combines aesthetics with colors I can’t wait to wear. Well, In fact I haven’t.  I am wearing longwear today!


Available from the 15th of september 2012



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