M.E.SkinLab Essence 27 and Cleanser 27

In 2009 Michèle Evrard created Baume 27, a very unique product that immediately found its place in the professional skincare arena in France and abroad with dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, anti – ageing specialists and most importantly her loyal customers. 
M.E.Skinlab presents an essential skincare line where each product has a key role in offering a comprehensive and complete performance treatment. Now, two new products are launched, as unique as Baume 27. Essence 27, a very hydrating, calming and brightening serum. It plays a big role in soothing tired skin and calming the effects of stress.                                           
The serum has a light texture that actually allows it to melt into the skin rapidly. Essence 27 is suitable for all skin types, especially for dehydrated, dry, tires and sensitive skin.  It is free of paraben, silicone, mineral oil or coloring and is naturally scented.

Essence 27, more than a serum, an essential skin treatment!

The Cleanser 27 is a pure balm formula that is composed of emollient an nourishing ingredients among oils and butters that eliminate all impurities and make-up. I love this balm, as it is quick, deep cleansing and leaves my skin feeling silky and soft. It’s not suited to remove eye make-up though. It is free of paraben, silicone and natural oils. And the best thing; its available in the Netherlands. Love it!




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