Maidenform – The Art of Form at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013

Maidenform kicked off the new year with a new look for 2013. We wanted to get the message out that Maidenform is a modern, sensual brand, and that we’re introducing a whole new look and brand architecture,” said Maurice Reznik, chief executive officer of Maidenform Brands Inc.

New collections rolling out under The Art of Form blueprint feature slimming control products. Exactly what a woman needs, paired with the softest, lightest weight and most breathable fabrics available, to transcend comfort in the form of stylish silhouettes with the most flirty finishes. The show highlighted recent product launches including Comfort Devotion bras, panties and shapewear in plush, seamless fabrics that mold the figure.

The show also recognized rising fashion talent. Maidenform lingerie and shapewear was paired in an unexpected way with pieces from up-and-coming fashion designers including Anne de Grijff, Irene Bussemaker, David Laport, Thom Barends, Collection Arnhem, Laimbock and Julian Jap Stips.

“The feel of the show was very French Vogue…stylish glamour. We used a lot of sheers to celebrate the female form and emphasize Maidenform shape wear, bras and hosiery,” says Ferry van der Nat, the stylist for Maidenform at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

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